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  1. See http://www.elm-chan.org/fsw/strf/xprintf.html for one possible embedded implementation. I've seen others out there...
  2. Looks good so far! The website looks quite modern too. Is the intention to support only Microchip devices (PIC, AVR) or any microcontroller?
  3. Not necessarily related to your problem but I always recommend (if your library provides it) to use snprintf() instead of sprintf(). The difference is that snprintf() takes an additional parameter, the size of the string buffer, and as a result of knowing the size of this buffer, it won't overrun it; whereas sprintf() has no idea what is the size of the buffer and may overrun it, hence you always see code using sprintf() passing in big buffers (you used 128 as the size of the buffer) to have lots of "extra space." Much better to use snprintf() and know that the buffer will never be overrun.
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