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  1. This is a follow through of the discussion at https://www.microforum.cc/topic/90-help-with-mcc-generated-i2csimple-getting-stuck-in-a-loop/ I have a need to poll the I2C bus to detect presence or absence/failure of a device in a system controlled by a PIC18LF46K22. The code base is generated by MPLAB's MCC. The post above addressed that type of situation. I tried to work through that discussion in comparing it to the current code generated by MCC and have noted too many differences. That discussion was 2 years ago and I'm sure there have been many changes to MCC since that time. So, the question boils down to: In the current scheme as generated by MCC is there a way for the application to determine that an I2C Address has been NAK'ed? Thanks for any pointers...
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