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  1. Hi KM1/Orunmila, adding "NVMREG" even I am able to see the proper result on hardware.
  2. I narrow down the issue. The controller is restarting due to "Stack Overflow". line number 220 code is causing the issue, reschedule = timer->callbackPtr(timer->payload); It looks like its a recursive which causing the issue but, I was not able to understand the part of the code how it works in a given time. We tried by adding "NULL" pointer check to that line that worked but, I feel like as an application or function of API it may not but, it just saves from restarting the controller. if(timer->callbackPtr != NULL) reschedule = timer->callbackPtr(timer->payload); I have attached the snapshot of the StackOverflow Flag setting. BTW. looks like its a simulator bug on showing nMLCR bit has low every time. I tested the voltage on the nMLCR it's not low nor dropping while executing the program.
  3. Hi KM1, If we load RTCOUNTER is loads the "Timer0 without interrupt" but, i see that the interrupt is enabled in the code. Could you please give some details on why Interrupt is enabled. Also, I see EUSART and SPI-MASTER code in it if you share some details on this then it may be helpful.
  4. I checked the "PCON0" register There was no Stack Over/Underflow but the "nRMLR" bit was low which means MCLR Reset. Default value as per datasheet should be PCON0 = 0011110x, the obtained value was 0011010x (STKOVF STKUNF WDTWV RWDT RMCLR RI POR BOR) Even with STVEN enabled if we comment " rtcount_callNextCallback();" device doesn't Reset. We need to test " rtcount_callNextCallback();" function completely.
  5. Hi, I am seeing the issue if " rtcount_callNextCallback();" is called in While loop. while (1) { // Add your application code //IO_RA1_SetLow(); // Check if the next timer has expired, call its callback from here if it did rtcount_callNextCallback(); } I tested through debugger as well and see that after 5 round inside " rtcount_callNextCallback();" it Resets. I wanted to attach the RA4 output signal but I am not able to figure it out how. By default Stack Overflow is enabled, #pragma config STVREN = ON // Stack Full/Underflow Reset Enable bit->Stack full/underflow will cause Reset If I disable it then RA4 output is "Low". I am not able to pinpoint to the exact line which is causing the issue. however, I will continue on this and update.
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