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  1. I need to upgrade my microscope. I have a nice binocular dissection microscope that works well but it takes a lot of desk space and it does not allow me to take pictures of my work. I often use the zoom function of my iPhone which works remarkably well but it is not a microscope. So I bought a basic USB microscope. It shows up on my PC & Mac as a basic webcam and works with any of the webcam applications. I thought all was well but I ran into a few snags. 1) It is laggy. It is very hard to solder under this microscope because the lag is probably 200msecs. 2) The focus & the zoom are interrelated. When you get an acceptable zoom factor, (i.e. move the unit closer or farther from the work) you must then focus at that distance. This often leaves me with only 50mm or so of room under the scope to work with. 3) It came with a goofy stand that does not weigh enough so I 3d printed something slightly better. It needs some lead to hold it steady. So now this is in my parts pile waiting for some future need (perhaps automated case inspection for my shooting hobby) and I am looking for a new unit. Any ideas?
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