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Welcome to the Microforum Community!

We created this community to share and discuss ideas related to microcontrollers. This includes posting interesting projects our members have created and also a general forum for asking for help and supporting each other in solving problems related to microcontrollers.

A community like this feeds on interaction by it's members so even if you are just adding a reaction or star rating to a post you are helping the community grow. If you have something to say or contribute please do not hold back! We need you all to chip in and give us the feedback we need to improve in order to make this a success!

In order to support the operation of this site we will be placing some ads throughout the site. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases through these links. If you like the site and you want to support us then please use these links to purchase the listed products or anything else from Amazon within 24hours from following one of the affiliate links.

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