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How does the rating system and reputation work?


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Reputation on the site is earned by the number of posts you make as well as the reaction of members to your posts. It is not possible to get negative points, but you will have to post good content in order to get approval by other members. Every member can only react to a post once and you cannot react to your own posts.

If you look at a member's profile you will see both the content count and the reputation level listed, there is a global leaderboard showing members with the most content as well as reputation.

Based on the number of content items you have posted you will earn a Site Rank. Ranks are assigned as follows:

Content Count Rank Indicator
0 User No Indicator
1 Newbie image.png.bfd633c4666fc3692a9fc8eada9d45c2.png
10 Pupil image.png.bf8c790d1d515e9ddf2a38ad4e203857.png
50 Contributor image.png.c9852dba4aff76402476cdc43f4dc4f7.png
100 Teacher image.png.a5ca04ecd693ffaa8dc6bf054effd3b9.png
500 Expert image.png.d582485b25c11f6b97529a544f5307f6.png
1000 Candidate Master image.png.d477dbf76ee13ef47c64a9fc45b2e512.png
5000 Master image.png.55c89ce5644f8cdcfbd75c98f873e917.png
10000 Grand Master image.png.bd25463e6c0c9b4fcfa4eef571da9e42.png

You will also earn Group promotions based on a combination of your reputation, your content count and how active you have been on the site. When you are not logged in your group will show as "Guest". Guests have permission to see posts but cannot make any posts. 

All new registered users will start out as "Member". As a "New Member". This group has some restrictions e.g. they will not be able to post HTML, cannot upload attachments and cannot create polls or edit other member's content.

As you gain more reputation and tenure on the site you will gradually be promoted to higher groups with more rights, up to the level of Moderator where you will be able to perform most administrative actions on the site.

Currently the groups configured are as follows:

Group Name Requirements
New Member New Members start here. Posts have to Moderated before publication.
Member Automatic promotion to "Member" after earning +5 Reputation AND +5 Content Posts
Elder Promotions made by Moderators on discretion
Moderator Promotions made by Moderators on discretion


We will also establish an indication of community reputation based on the upvotes and reputation your content has received on the site. This will be shown as a colored band on your profile. We are working on adding badges for reputation, we will see how that works out 🙂



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