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    • By Orunmila
      This zip file contains the project implementing the full RTCOUNTER example project.
    • By Orunmila
      For those who did not notice the post, using the Activity stream (click on Activity in the menu) is probably the easiest way to see what has happened on the site since your last visit. If you go to the home page which is the Forum index you will only see Forum activity.
    • By Orunmila
      This zip file contains the project implementing Duff's Device using XC8 and a PIC16F18875 which goes with the Duff's Device Blog. The project can be run entirely in the simulator in MPLAB-X so no need to have the device to play with the code!
      See the blog for more details
    • By Orunmila
      This file is the project which accompanies the blog post - A brief introduction to the pitfalls of Floating Point for programmers.
      This zip file contains a MPLAB-X project whcih is designed to run on a PIC16F18875, but is best used running in the simulator. The project should be configured for running on the simulator already. It was built using XC8 v2.05 and MPLAB-X v5.10.
      See the blog for more details
    • By Orunmila
      We found that we have quite a lot to say about programming embedded systems and this lounge is not quite flexible enough for us to do this, so we decided to start a community blog area.
      We have posted the first blog post as a test here  https://www.microforum.cc/blogs/entry/1-floating-point-numbers/ and the landing page for the blog collection is here https://www.microforum.cc/blogs/blog/1-what-every-embedded-programmer-should-know-about/. We are calling this one "What every embedded programmer should know about ..." and it will feature a series of posts along this topic.
      If there is any topic close to your heart that you would like us to cover please leave a comment and we will see if we can make it happen. As a start we will allow moderators to create and post blogs, if you want to make a contribution please contact one of the moderators and we should be able to hook you up.
      We have been toying with the idea to allow members to blog once they reach a certain level in the community, but since we are just starting out that will not be practical right now, let us know what you think, we may "upgrade" the system like that sometimg in the future!
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