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Microchip XPress Evaluation boards


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Did you guys see the new XPress Evaluation boards that Microchip are now selling. These boards are very cheap and pretty cool way to start. They do not need any programmer to get going (programmer is on-board) and they also implement a USB CDC interface so you can hook up printf to go to the serial port and get a console on your device going. If you are using MCC you can set all of this up without writing a single line of code!

Pretty cool beginner board I think and they are going for $12 with an additional $3 discount running right until the end of 2018 !

The boards look like this :


You can get them from Microchip Direct here



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The XPRESS boards do NOT have a debugger.

However, they are being replaced with CURIOSITY nano boards.  The Curiosity Nano PIC16F18446 and the Curiosity Nano 4809 both raise the XPRESS hardware to the next level.



The on-board debugger used by these nano boards is also present on the AVR IoT WG development kit.  Expect to see lots of new development hardware with on-board debugging in the future.

They include :

1) CDC serial port

2) Mass Storage Drag and drop hex file programming

3) Mass Storage drag and drop serial messaging (send a text file with a keyword and it goes out the serial port)

4) MPLAB support with native programming & debug

The AVR versions are also supported by Studio.

For those with AVR memories, these are updated versions of the old EDBG debuggers.  The updates add PICmcu support but they are still CMSIS based debuggers.

Here is a project I built using a PIC16F18446 Curiosity Nano directly.  This is a model rocket launch controller.IMG_3613.thumb.jpeg.788bc33fa3f3f05ea9d9a0fddd943242.jpeg

More information on the rocket controller is here: https://workspace.circuitmaker.com/Projects/Details/joseph-julicher/rocket-controller


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